Friday, September 26, 2008

A Treasure Hunt in Antigua

For a few hours, we went on a treasure hunt via directions from our friends Horacio & Nicole, who lived in Guatemala City a few years ago. We were looking for a "tienda" owned by an "hombre de Alamania" (a man from Germany) who sells "adornos para el árbol de Navidad" (Christmas tree ornaments). Our directions from Nicole were something like "with the cathedral behind you, standing in the main park, cross the park, the shop is through a cafe....and maybe there is a bookstore with a wooden bench outside" It tooks us 2 days to find (mainly because the store was closed the first day), but alas.....we struck gold...or should I say a haven of beaded adornments! The best part is....this is for you Horacio & soon as we told him we had friends who lived in Guatemala City a while back, he knew you! He remember that you guys worked for some water project and would visit every few weeks, looking for new ornaments! So thanks for giving us a adventure to look forward too!

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