Thursday, February 26, 2009

safe behind fences

One of the most annoying things about Guatemala is that all (few and far between as they are) the lush, green, grassy areas are off limits! Of course it makes complete sense that they need to be fenced to keep the stray dogs out, but do they really need to keep all the people out too?

Coming from a neighborhood in Denver that is situated right between 2 of the city's biggest and best parks, we are so spoiled having tons of open space to play in. There were so many days in Xela where we both longed to take a blanket and our Spanish notes to a nice plot of grass and waste the day away, but it never once happened. Since we're having freakishly warm weather here in Denver these days, I'm taking advantage of those beds of comfy grass while I still can....even if they are a little straw-like and crunchy right now!

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