Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where on Earth?

The past couple of weekends we spent some time with friends at one of our favorite, newly rediscovered getaways. High above Antigua (but really close) lies a little hippie hideaway (well, not too hippie - just right) call Earth Lodge. There one can pass the day doing absolutely nothing in a hammock while taking in the amazing view of the valley below.

Earth Lodge is a great escape from the noise and crowds of daily life in Antigua.

And fun place to hang with friends and just chat, eat & drink.

That's what i did with Caitlin.....all day.

For the more active folks, there are fun things too,
like dogs to play with, volleyball, baseball & cornhole.

Do you know cornhole? It looks like this.

They have cabins, treehouses, tents & dorms to spend the night in,
but if you don't want to spend the night, at least stay for dinner.
It's always delicious.

And the night time view is awesome too.

We actually also spent the night not too long ago, for the very first time. The dorms and cabins were full, so we rented a tent. Our very own little piece of property for the night, hidden in the trees, high in the hills. It was glorious - except for the giant spider that tried to also curl up with us.

Sadly, the only downer about Earth Lodge for us, is because of it's remote location, Dewey can't enter the grounds (he has to stayed parked up above) and therefore we can't camp our usual way. All is fine and well though. He's going to get lots of use in the upcoming months.

Here we are sipping on our morning coffee while watching Volcan Fuego erupt.

Just another day in paradise!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I just put that on the must do list when I return. I miss it so much. It is paradise.
Thanks Joel