Sunday, March 15, 2009

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** Please note, the following address & telephone numbers are no longer applicable. We can still however be reached through email and Skype. Thanks!

A speech-language pathologist by trade & designer by heart, I love kids, other cultures & all things creative. In search of something more, I’m hoping to become bilingual while helping people in need & learning how to be true to myself.

As a person who loves the outdoors & cares for the environment, I have been driven my whole life to spend as much of it as I can outside. This trip to Guatemala is the culmination of my dreams to work as an environmental engineer for an organization that focuses on healing the world water crisis.

Phone us:
(from the US be sure to remember the 011)
Krista 011+502+4554-5561
Ben 011+502+4599-1852

Skype us:

Write us:
Our Home Address

(we're not sure how secure delivery to this address is, so please don't send anything of value here)
#8 Pasaje Rubio
Antigua, Guatemala

Quick Delivery Mail (mail, magazines and small padded envelopes only)
Krista Lengacher / Antigua Site
c/o Common Hope
P.O. Box 669004
Miami Springs, Florida, USA 33266

Packages (estimated delivery time: 4-5 weeks)
Package must be a shoe size box or smaller & a list of contents for customs clearance must be included.
No perishable food.
Common Hope
P.O. Box 14298
St. Paul, MN 55114
Attention: Krista Lengacher, Antigua Site

If using a delivery service that will not deliver to P.O. Boxes, send packages to:
Common Hope
550 Vandalia Street
St. Paul, MN 55114
Attention: Krista Lengacher, Antigua Site


Unknown said...

Hey Krista and Ben!
Somewhere in the craziness of life, I'd lost my link to your blog. Mom just emailed me a link again, so I'm back to reading about your adventures and travels. Your blog about Erin was really nice. :) Also- I was laughing out loud about the Motorcycle that hit YOU. That is crazy! I hope you guys are having lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

looks like you are having lots of fun. i am jealous of you! well have fun learning about a different culture and people. i enjoy reading your blog-keep up the good work.