Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Must Have Lusts!

Living a “normal” life here in Guatemala (especially Antigua) isn’t that hard. Sure, attitudes, customs and things in general are different, but they just take a little getting used to. For the most part we get by just fine. Most of the things we need and want can by found – not always as easily as walking into the local Target, but they can be found. And for those that cannot, we can make do without. We certainly aren’t high maintenance – er, well, at least Ben isn’t. I on the other hand am only high maintenance about certain things and thus is why I planned ahead.

Before leaving Colorado I stocked up on a few of the things that I really couldn’t didn’t want to live without…..like (cue the dramatic music)…… my favorite shampoo & conditioner. After all, neither my stylist nor I would not be happy with me if I came back with unhealthy hair!

These ½ gallon bad girls should see my luscious locks through the next year! However my prima donna hair will just have to live without my Kerastase heat treatment and settle for something else – or nothing (gasp!). Not the end of my world.

Every once and a while though……just every once in an itty bitty while, there is that one thing that we (yes, Ben too!) really, really, really miss. And so we have decided to add a new sidebar listing (look to your left) and blog entry when we find ourselves seriously lusting for one of our comforts from home! (And just maybe the writing process will help us get over the lust!!!)

Krista’s current Must Have Lust
Emerald brand Cocoa Roast Almonds

They give me the slight chocolate fix that I need (even though I’m not a crazy chocoholic) plus satisfy my hunger. I can’t find these babies anywhere! I searched every nook, cranny and high-end specialty food store from here to Panajachel (seriously) and they are no where to be found. Just last week I caught Ben red-handed cracking the seal on my very last container (I loaded up at the Safeway 2 for 1 sale back in March). How dare he! I know how passionate he is about nuts (don’t even go there!). Luckily I was just in time to rescue my delicious treat and whisk it away to a place where he will never find it (work). Sorry honey, you better not get in the way of a girl lusting next time!

Ben’s current Must Have Lust
Smith Optics Interlock Polarized Sunglasses

Grated he’s lusting because his sunglasses are one of the things that he lost in the theft incident, but he honestly lusts for them. It’s sunny here a lot and he drives a lot, so he needs a good pair of sunglasses. You're probably are thinking that “designer” sunglasses are not a necessity, but for Ben they really are. For years (seriously our entire 5 years of marriage) he tried on various sunglasses at every sport/surf/optic shop we passed. Some of you may recall the Optic Nerve phase when every couple of months (after some biking or skiing mishap) we would head down to Wilderness Exchange for a new pair that they kept hidden in a random cardboard box of cheap sunglasses under the front counter. They were the only style he could find that fit the high bridge on his nose. Finally, last Christmas I broke down and got him the Smith’s. They were a fabulous fit with interchangeable lenses (just in case of scratches from more mishaps). At first he was worried about losing them and keeping them nice, but if I must say so myself, he did a pretty darn good job of taking care of those sunglasses…….until the incident (not Ben’s fault, I realize this).

PS: I hope you all took note that for once (probably the one and only time) it is Ben, not I, that has the more expensive taste!

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