Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boo! Lusts for you!

As October wraps up, we're trying to get things back in order here on the blog. The whole privatization thing didn't work because Blogger got cranky with the invitations, so we had to rethink the dilemma. Problem solved. Go check FB side bars for the answer.

It's pretty hard to believe that Halloween is just around the corner. I'm not in the mood at all. Maybe it's that there was no change of leaves, no pumpkins, no bombardment from retailers for tacky Halloween junk. In fact I doubt that we will even do anything for the holiday. Having a budget makes going out to waste money on a costume a little lower on the priority list. Plus with our jobs being quite hectic lately and the projects we've been tackling lately in the house, we could use a few days of relaxation.

Anywho, enough bellyaching. Yes, we've been busy, but not too busy to crave a few of our favorite fall treats. So without further adieu.......Boo! October lusts for you!

Krista’s current Must Have Lust
apple butter & apple cider

Delicious! One my favorite things about Fall is the smell (and taste) of cinnamon, spice and everything nice. There's no fooling those of you who know me and my absolute obsession with baked apple goods, but I never quite realized how much I love apple butter - that is until I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. I think I may have learned this love first from Barbie my babysitter from a very young age, and it stuck with me for the duration. A blob on an english muffin or on top of a bowl of cottage cheese (I know it sounds gross, but it's soooooo good!). Yum! I've searched high and low and can't find it here anywhere, but lucky for me one of my favorite bloggers posted her personal recipe here . I can't wait to try it! Do you think I can can here? And of course going along with the apple theme, there is apple cider. Oh how I could go for a big gulp right now! For sure I'll be partaking in something seriously big Fall celebrations next year.

Ben's current Must Have Lust
Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Moving from the land of great beers to the the land of 3 choices - Gallo (blah!), Cabro (drinkable) and Moza (the only truly good beer), Ben sure has been lusting for one of his favorite Fall favorites. Black Butte Porter from Deschutes Brewery in Oregon. He's not quite as descriptive as me with his taste buds, but I'm sure he'd agree that the Coors Lite-like light beers that Guatamala serves up, pale in comparison (no pun intended) to this dark beauty (like Butte E). In fact Ben has been missing his old friend the tasty beer so much, that he's about to begin the process of brewing his very own homebrew right here in our humble little abode. He's been collecting bottles for a couple of months now, and just recently announced that he's gathered enough to get started. Give him a couple of weeks and we'll be hosting a tasting. Purchase your flights now!

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