Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Lusting

This holiday season we have a lot to be thankful for - our health, safety, a beautiful home to live in, new friends, supportive family, our fulfilling jobs and even the little seed (and no I'm not pregnant). Living and working alongside many who really do have needs, but whom are always thankful for the little that they do have has really helped us to limit our "needs" and at times we can hardly think of anything we really want (with the exception of a few more days off). So this lust didn't come easy because honestly we have pretty much everything we need right now. After some serious thought, we were able to come up with our mutual current lust - something we'll do just fine without, but would be delighted to have nonetheless.

Our current Must Have Lusts
jeans that fit

Maybe it's the pant size or so that I've dropped since first leaving for Xela last year or more likely it's the fact that I have been alternating between the same 3 pair of jeans everyday for the past 9 months so they're just plain stretched out, but I've got the droops. You know, like the look like your pockets are sagging below your buns - hike your pants up by the belt loops so your bootie doesn't peak out, droops. Now for a girl who 1 year ago probably would have not worn the same pair of jean 2 times a week let alone every day, a girl who used to pride herself as being fashion forward, the droops are not good. Granted I'm a little more granola now (I did just fess up and get some Danskos), but it's high time I get back in touch with a bit of that girl from before!

As for Ben, he works in a get dirty kind of job. 9 months ago he arrived with 2 pair of "work" jeans and 2 "nice jeans," but now all he has left is a pair of droopy "work" pants with several ventilation holes and is becoming a bit embarassed about wearing them 5 days a week. Lucky for us we have the ultimate paca (thrift store) in the market just a few blocks from our house. You see he has this complex about not buying new pants to wear to work since he'll just ruin them anyway, but when you are a skinny bean like him, finding your size second hand in the land of tortilla tummies and shorter legs, isn't so easy. I keep pushing him to just buy some cheap new jeans that can become his "work" pants, but like the long line of Lengachers that came before him, he has a hard head (hehehe!!) and so he continues to wear his holy holey pants.

Maybe, just maybe, if we're both nice for the rest of this year, a certain man in a red suit will leave us some presents for us under our fountain of just the right size
(didn't you know, fountains are the new Christmas tree?)!

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