Saturday, December 19, 2009

Making our Lust List

It might sound trite to those of you battling the storm,
but this December we're only lusting for 1 thing.......

Our current Must Have Lust
The Christmas Spirit
and for us it begins with SNOW!

Now we're not exactly living in the tropics like a lot of you think. Antigua has nearly the same altitude as Denver, but since we are a lot closer to the equator we can only dream of one day having snow. In Guatemala there are 2 seasons. Summer when it rains and Winter when it doesn't. Right now we are in "winter" and will be until about next April/May. Fortunately when the rain stops, it means it and we won't see another drop for several months. They say "winter" here is cold, but this crazy talk about cold is relative when you grew up with temps below zero! A while back I posted about the feeling of "fall" in the air, and for me that is what this weather is remniscent of. Basically in the mornings and evenings we need to wear a sweater or jacket, but mid-day it is roasty toasty. I love it. Since we know next year we'll be dreaming of escaping the cold and traveling to somewhere warmer, we're ok with accepting things as they are, but it sure does give make it difficult to "feel" the season.

In honor of our lust for a taste feel of winter and the Christmas Spirit, we rewrote some lyrics to a familiar holiday tune that's been on our minds!

Let it Snow (Remix)
(best when sung to the tune of the old classic!)

Oh the weather outside is far from frightful,
sunshiney cool breezes are delightful.

Central park is lit with lots of cheer,

But we still don't have any signs of the year!

The locals all dawn scarves and stockings,

in flip-flops we we Gringos keep on walking.

Temps are in the 60's & the 70's,

Oh how we wish it would snow!

When we finally do feel cold,
we bundle up tight in our fleeces.

Within minutes we start to sweat,

but at least we can pretend were at home!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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