Sunday, July 18, 2010

Must have Mexico

It's been a while since we've lusted for anything except maybe a day of doing completely nothing on a fabulous beach somewhere, but now that we're back in Mexico I've become inspired. While wandering through the streets of Coatepec I came across an old woman selling some random handicrafts which included 2 or 3 pieces of Otomi Indian fabric. Unfortunately the colors that she had to offer weren't anything that I felt like I could work with so I passed them up, but now I've become obsessed.

My current Must Have Lust
Mexican Otomi fabric

After a little research I learned that the Otomi Indians mainly inhabit the Mezquital Valley in the eastern part of the state of Hidalgo and in the state of Querétaro. Luckily we'll be passing through there soon! And if all else fails, I know there was a store in Sayulita that had a pretty pricey selection a year or so ago when we passed through. Now I just have to choose a color. I'm thinking coral or navy or aqua.......maybe I'll just let the selection inspire me!

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