Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not quite yet

Last week we finally finished up the big work in the upstairs reno and got our house keys back from the carpenter (who has been letting himself in our home for 8 months now). We thought today would be the big day, as in close out the permit big day. But alas, it looks like this accessory is going to stay put in our window for a just a bit longer.

The inspector came by this morning. He didn't like a couple of things, namely the position of the light in the linen closet, the lack of a carbon monoxide detector (we have one on the 1st level) & the fact that our ugly duct work has not been boxed in. Ben also made a mistake and didn't call in the electrical & plumbing trades for the inspection. To his defense he was only doing what the carpenter/pseudo contractor (Ben is the real contractor) told him to do. So it looks like we've got a bit more work to do before we can get this monkey off our backs.

This is an older photo - now it's at least framed in, but we have to add the drywall. The worst part of it all though is that empty looking space in front of the windows is now chock full of stuff. Looks like we'll be spending our weekend having tons of fun. Sometimes Lots of times renovating your home while living in it really sucks.


Natalie said...

I would even go as far as to cross out the "lots of times" and say "ALL the time". Ha!

Julie Cofield said...

I'm sorry friend