Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Farewell Uncle Sam Dan

Part of our weekend fun included a final hooray with our new good friend Dan. While we've really only known Dan a couple of months, we like him a lot and have had some great fun with he and Dani lately. Unfortunately for us, Dan's several year stint in Guatemala has come to and end, just as ours has kicked into full swing. But while we're sad that our favorite couple friends are now 1 man down (but 1 great woman left standing), we're really happy for Dan as he begins his post-Guate life. We totally get the whole long distance dating thing too, so hopefully we'll be able to lend our listening ears to our dear friends in future days.

Dani organized a fun little get-together for all of Dan's friends at La Peña de Sol Latino (where we indulged on the best brownie south of Texas) and afterward a rondeavu in the park.

Even though everyone seems to be putting forth their best 'tude in this picture, we really were in good spirits!

A few of the handsome crew just minutes before, in happier times!
(ps. not liking how I look short and plump next to über skinny Dani)

Of course the cathedral was looking all spiffy too.

And what kind of night would it have been without a long arm Dan shot? Who else could capture 6 people in a self-portrait and even get a little scenery!

Ciao Dan! Que le vaya bien!


Courtney said...

WOW! What an incredible trip you are on and I am loving these posts. Off to read more...I'm addicted!

Dan said...

I never realized quite how long that arm of mine is! Great pics from that night! I had a great time and will miss you guys too! take good care of Dani for me while I'm away! See yall later.