Saturday, July 25, 2009

a vision in red

Yes we have moved to our new "permanent" home and you're probably wondering why we haven't yet posted pictures. 2 reasons. I'm super busy these days scheduling and now putting into action the plans for my first very own vision team at Common Hope. (Stay tuned for more on what a vision team is later.) 2nd reason - we're tired. We've been working like dogs on this house - cleaning, organizing, cleaning, shopping, decorating, more cleaning, painting, etc. I'm not the kind of gal who can just deal with things the way they are (and certainly not for a whole year). I like need my house to feel like a home. Luckily I have a super-duper sweet husband who "gets me" and helps me put my visions into action (within reason).

Here's a sneak peak at the outside of the house.

It's red. Deep red. I love a cute red house. And that's Ben. He's super-duper!

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