Friday, October 16, 2009

Back to school

Primary education in Guatemala is mandatory and thought to be free, but unfortunately neither is necessarily true. While the government is lax in enforcing the attendance of kids in school, is the estimated cost per year of the children who are enrolled in school is about $100, including inscription fees, uniforms, and school supplies. Considering that the average Guatemalan family has 5-7 children and earns a monthly income of $170, you can see how it becomes impossible for all the children to attend school. This is where Common Hope steps in with sponsorship. Because we seek to form partnerships with families that share our same values, we affiliate 50% of the children in the families that we work with. Upon affiliation students have the cost of their education covered as well as health care, housing and social work services for their entire families. Since we sponsor 2,400 kids, that's a whole lot of pencils & crayons, isn't it!!

Just as the kids in the States have headed back to school, the students in Guatemala are finishing up their exams before vacation begins. Each month we ask for a specific donations to help stock the shelves of our warehouse so that when school starts back up again in January each affiliated child will head back to class with a backpack full of all the things he or she needs to be successful. This month we are specifically collecting colored pencils (12 packs). Of course we will always take any supplies that are donated, not just our monthly need. Check out our suggested monthly needs right here.

As you head out to scoop up some last minute deals in the school supply aisles, think about grabbing a few extras for the kids in Guatemala. You can make a huge difference in their lives with just a simple donation and I promise you it will be worth it!

Please contact our St. Paul, MN office at (651) 917-0917 or for more information about collecting or delivering items.

Donations can be mailed year-round to:

Common Hope
PO Box 14298
St. Paul, MN 55114

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