Wednesday, October 7, 2009

there he goes again!

We had quite an eventful weekend at the Lengacher home obviously, but with all excitement we almost forget to share Ben's big news - he ran a marathon!

Sunday morning at 5am, he loaded up Dewey with a bunch of Gatorade (it was a super hot day),his friend Brandon, Brandon's friend Jen and the 3 of them headed about an hour away to Lago Amatitlán where the race occurred. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go support them, but things went just fine. For several weeks Ben and Brandon have been training (not enough Ben says) so they ran most of the race together. Several years ago while living in Ft. Collins, Ben ran his first marathon and didn't really ever plan on doing it again, that is until Brandon put the idea in his head. And since they had such a great time running the Antigua half-marathon a few months ago, they gave it a go again!

Here he comes.....

...and there he goes!

Brandon warming up!
Yea Jen! She ran the half marathon
Completely pooped, but proud!

Ben completed the race in a little under 4 hours and thought that was pretty good, considering his training schedule wasn't the most thorough and it was a killer hot day (with inadequate water supply on the race course)! Last time he was only about 10 minutes off from qualifying for the Boston. Sometimes His athletic abilities pretty much amaze me. When Ben sets his mind on something, he never gives up!

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