Monday, January 11, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

Who's the sweetest friend of all?

A couple of days ago we got a postcard in our mailbox to inform us that a package was waiting for us at Correos. Finally Saturday I found some time to swing by and pick it up. Guess who it was from? Tamara. Of course! When I unwrapped it, look what I found.

Can you even believe that that pretty little thing made it the whole way here to chaotic Guatemala, still in perfect condition?

Even better than the packaging was the note that went along with it.

Here's what it said.

Dear God,
If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take. As for whats left of these things on earth, I will all my belts to Krista for she is the only one who knows their true worth!
XO miss you,

Smile. Tear. Smile again.
Just what I needed to brighten my crappy day.

Inside? What else other than a cute, skinny belt with a bit of gold sparkle. Exactly my style. What she didn't know is that I actually do need a belt since my pants are sagging severely these days!
It's a silly story that goes a while back, but it's true. Aside from being probably the most truly sincere, loving & creative person I know, Tamara and I share a special bond. We love belts. One might even say we have a sick obsession with belts. We both own a lot and we both always want more.

There was a evening a while back where we donned all of Tam's belts and scarves and danced around her apartment clicking little cymbals, irritating her neighbor below. It was pure silliness. It was hilariously therapeutic. It was a moment I'll never forget.

Dear Tam,
If God should keep me in Guatemala forever, what's mine is yours - including the leathers.
And to compliment your waistline flair, you can have all the rest of my Anthro wear!
XO miss you more,

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Debora Walling said...

that is sooo sweeeet, so tam!
FYI I love your blog! I am not as good of a commentator as aaron though, makes me look bad!