Monday, June 28, 2010

Hate Mail

Dear Tamarindo Thieves,

It's probably better that I have waited a while to write you this letter. I've had time to calm down, time to hash things over, time to reflect on the good life that I have. We've spent countless hours inventorying our losses, filing claims with insurance and repurchasing essential items, all from internet cafes instead of the comforts of my own home. Undoubtedly our time would should have been much better spent enjoying the last few weeks of the good life in this place that I have called home for a year now, and forever will.

Although my life has returned to normal for the most part, I despise you for all that you have put us through. In one foul swoop you ruined what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, the culmination of a year worth of hard work. Not only did you take away our ability to explore and love all of Central America, but you hurt the life line of your own country - tourism.

I want to tell myself that maybe you were desperate. Maybe you have a family that is starving and no house to call home. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt - that you had no other choice, but my experiences have shown me that there is always another way. There are people worse off than you that would never dream of doing what you did. Instead, deep down inside, I know you're just another loser. A crook who wants to get richer, a druggie who needs to support his habit. Either way what you did is wrong and even if you make thousands on my passport, you will never learn. You take what you don't deserve instead of appreciating what you have. You are the lowest form of human being.

You may have stolen my things, but you didn't even scratch the surface of me. If anything, you have made me more grateful for what I have - a safe dry home, a hot meal, loving family and friends.
So go ahead and wear my clothes. Sell my cameras. Throw my keepsakes in the trash. They don't mean anything to you. You don't care that I'm not rich. You don't care that I worked hard to earn those things. You don't even care that I came with respect and appreciation for your country. But little did you know there's something that I have that you didn't get. I have my dignity. I did nothing wrong. I do not take advantage of others. I am not a thief. Thankfully, I am not like you. Rather, I am a giver. I am respectful. I do what I can to help others.

I will no longer waste my time on you, after all I'm sure you've moved on to someone new too. And in years to come when I think back on this trip, I'll focus on the good people and the beauty of your country. I won't spend more than a second on you. I won't give you that satisfaction. Instead, I'll keep faith that one day you too will find yourself in a vulnerable position and you will not be as lucky as I was in Costa Rica.

Good Luck,

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