Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here we go

Hello my long lost, ever so patient blog readers. Hopefully you haven't missed me too long while I was away. I know I've missed you! I'm back today with some very very good news. We're finally connected. Back in the saddle - er, more like back in the office chair! The internets are once again my playground after a long, dramatic, undesired break!

Look how we're scrolling now.

Oh yea, The MacBook Pro. As in the sleekest, finest, piece of technology my fingertips have every graced! I almost feel like I should thank those Costa Rican schmucks who stole my old faithful iBook. If not them, I should be on my knees kissing the feet of my new friends at State Farm Insurance who are so kindly replacing our lost items. (I will never again scoff at the money "wasted" on renter's insurance payments. It has literally "saved" my life.) And a huge hug and kiss to Lindsey, who carted a toteful of electronics to us from Minnesota....xoxo!

Even though she's up and running (yep, I'm pretty sure it's a she), we've still yet to get all the old files, photos and music back on, but by this coming weekend I should be back to a fairly regular blogging routine & even more regular as soon as the camera replacement finds it's way to Guatemala in yet another friend's suitcase.

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