Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's fall!

It may still be roasty toasty back in Charlotte, but not here in Pennsylvania where we are now. Yup, that's right. I think I may have forgotten to mention that pretty much as soon as we unloaded the boxes from the truck, we loaded our pup back up in the car and hit the road again. We just can't get enough driving, can we? Pretty ironic coming from 2 people who have shared 1 car for the past 5 years and pretty much kept it parked all weekend long. Sadly, in order to live out some dreams, we've had to increase our carbon footprint when it comes to travel (but to balance it out we really lessened it in other ways).

Anyway, back to the point. It's chilly here in PA and I'm sort of liking it, despite the fact that I couldn't locate my cool weather clothes when packing my suitcase! My hometown of Clarion is best known for it's Autumn Leaf Festival and the signs of fall are everywhere. Last weekend we took a boat ride down the river where we spotted some of the first signs of the changing leaves. In a couple of weeks the banks of that very same river will be covered in a quilt of reds, oranges & yellows. I hope I can come back to see it. It's been a long time.

Here's a bit of what we've been doing on the first leg of our PA trip.

Cruising the Clarion River

One of us wasn't happy until she got in the water.

Playing ball with Uncle Ryan

Cooking up some brats

Color coordinated family

Got our cracked windshield repaired!

And we played lots with little Sadie Boo....

...who is so quick she looks like this most of the time!

Pennsylvania Part II begins tomorrow!

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