Thursday, September 30, 2010

9 to 5

Now that we're finally moved in our permanent home, it's time to start the settling process and get back to real life which unfortunately means work. Looks like the vacation is over.

Last week Ben officially started his new job at Quality Stone Veneer, his dad's company which was started the same year little Benji was born.
Here's our handsome bread winner on his first day of work, posing next to his shiny new truck. So far he likes it, even though his 9 to 5 has been looking more like 7 to 6.

As he rolled north up Highway 77, I got started on some work of my own. Now I may not be bringing home any bacon yet, but don't ya'll be thinking that I'm sitting on my duff at home watchin' soap operas and drinkin' sweet tea all day. I've got plenty to do and it looks like this....

and this...

and this.

And when all of those boxes are broken down and out of sight, then I'll think about getting myself the kind of job where I can also earn some greenbacks! Since I wasn't exactly in love with my last job, I really want to find one that I like....maybe not love, but at least somewhat like. And since I know the square root of nobody in Charlotte and haven't heard boo about anything remotely related to the field of Speech Pathology, I'm going to have to do some research to help me find "the one". In the mean time, the holiday season is approaching and that means my old friend "retail" is going to need some holiday help, which sounds like something I just might enjoy.

Moving on, I think I may have mentioned before that this little old house of ours is a fixer upper. It's certainly livable by most standards, but that doesn't mean that every surface doesn't need touched. Yes, it's true. There isn't 1 thing in this house that is going to stay as is. At the very very least it all needs a nice coat of paint, and more than likely, quite a bit more. If you know me at all, you surely know that my #1 passion is home decor, but I won't even be thinking about decorating this place for a long long while. I'll clean it up, unpack our old things, settle us in and help with the renovations, and when it's no longer looking like a war zone, then I'll put my finishing touches on it. Of course knowing that it's better to wait is absolutely KILLING ME, I keeping telling myself it's better to save our money than waste on hasty decorating. Most definitely though I'll find myself a few DIY projects to work on until I get the husband's go-ahead on the bigger projects. Lucky for me, my new neighborhood has 3 or 4 antique and second-hand stores withing walking distance, so surely I can find a few diamonds in the rough in one of them!

Oh & did I mention that my home making duties now include laundry since these bad boys arrived last Friday?

Can't wait.

Stay tuned later this week for our first of many house tours (if I can figure out how to upload a giant file)!


Daniela Rosales said...

I wish I could come and help you out now that I'm not working!!! I hope you enjoy all the decorating. Have fun in your new home!!!

Liz @ It's Great To Be Home said...

Ugh, it totally sucks to wait to decorate but you are so right!! Most of the design decisions that I regret about our house were made in about the first 2 weeks after we moved in. We had family coming in town to stay with us and I felt like everything had to look "finished" (ha!) so I ran out and bought things that I thought would work. Such a mistake, and now I'm stuck with it!