Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home away from home

These days we've been finding ourselves in the home improvement stores a whole lot more than we did before. Luckily since it's still summer temps in North Carolina, most of them allow puppy dogs....especially well behaved ones!

She totally digs the cool cement floors.

Now you tell me that having a dog in not all like having a kid.
I swear the motion of the cart makes her calm.

On another note, back on Pecan Avenue when we're not working on some inside project we spend a lot of time on our big southern front porch taking in the neighborhood (that's a friendly term for people watching). Mostly we watch all the antics that go on at Bonnie's house - a woman whom we've yet to meet but have heard a ton of stories about.

Wouldn't I love to have a shirtless lawn boy to boss around too!

Kind of makes me think of someone else who likes to walk around with his shirt off....

We miss you Zach. Wish you were here...with or without your shirt!

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