Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fixin' and Field Trippin'

Progress is slow here on the home front. Over the weekend we ambitiously began our first major project. We started in the smallest room in the house - the back bedroom, which will eventually become my project room (Yay, a permanent place for my sewing machine!). We decided to strip down & sand the paint on the doors and window frames before repainting everything since there were lots of drip marks and sloppiness leftover from previous owners.

At least the weather has been nice!

After several days now of stripping, sanding & repairing we admit that we bit off more than we want to chew.......especially considering the rest of the first floor has 16 more doors and countless windows. So now the plan is to finish up this room and hire out the rest! Well, we'll probably continue to sand the doors and window frames ourselves (or at least most of them) before repainting, but the stripping is for the birds and will only be done when necessary. It's nice that someone, way back when, framed out the windows, but it would have been nicer if they actually did a quality work. Now there a lots of rough corners and gaps to fix.....c'est la vie.....we knew what we were getting into when we bought the place, right?

Someone isn't thrilled with not being the center of attention.

The current state of the little room.
One day we'll have a window again.

For now we'll enjoy the only complete feeling room in the house.... and the one the I'm dying to change the most, but is last on the list. : (

Needing to escape the work zone, I stole away for a little field trip the other day. Before moving here I heard so much about this amazing fabric store called Mary Jo's right outside of Charlotte. Even though we're no where near the decorating phase of the venture, I was feeling the need for some inspiration to help with choosing the paint colors. I have way too many ideas and need to streamline, but how can I do it without having an image of the overall decor?

One thing is certain though. The office will be some shade of olive/army green......but which one is the dilemma!

So off to Mary Jo's went Krista Jo.

My oh my, there were a lot of choices.
Inspiration was certainly found.....and so was confusion!

Love the idea of the crisp whiteness on the windows in my project room.

Perfect reupholstery fabric for an ottoman or wingback.

Mmm, mmm, mmm. Love this color with the navy.

Ikat for sure.

Still dreaming of this one.
(it's much more brown in person)
Definite front runner for the living room.

One day I'll be allowed to have my kind of fun........
But for now we're slaves to our windows and doors!

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Natalie said...

I sanded, stripped and refinished an old hutch recently. I'll admit the finished product is beautiful, but the whole process sucked. I feel for you.