Tuesday, April 26, 2011

little projects

Sorry about my lack of posts recently. Things haven't been super exciting around here. We're making progress on a bunch of little projects, but still no rooms have been finished. I'm sure you're not shocked to hear that!

Here's a look at what we've been up to.

We gave the dining room wainscoting and picture ledge a final coat of paint.

The mudroom got some new coat hooks. (And I've been working on painting our Amish built monster bench).

A while back we installed this cute school house light fixture in there too.

We've turned every last square inch of space into a hothouse where we're cultivating little seedlings until our garden plot is ready. These are our new blackberry & blueberry plants. One day when we finally put in a fence we hope to put a small pergola over the gate and grow both blackberries and roses on it.

I spruced up some simple white romans with gray trim in my girl cave.

I'm working on a Rast hack for our guest room night stands.

I made a faux roman out of mini-blinds for the bathroom. Now I just need to frost the window so we can lift the shade permanently!

And this old college paint chip craft project is getting a makeover for it's new home on the front porch.

So there you have it - a bunch of little unfinished projects.

Hopefully things will pick back up again next week. This weekend we're finally leaving town for some time away to celebrate our April birthday. I'll report back on Monday with the where & wows.


Natalie said...

Am I really out of the know for not knowing what a rast hack is?

kristalengacher said...

Ha! No Natalie, you are not out of the know. Sorry for my jargon! The Rast
is a cheapo dresser from Ikea. There are a bunch ways people personalize
it, but one way that is really popular on design blogs is to stain the body
and paint the drawer fronts white. To top it off you replace the wooden
Ikea knobs with some cute hardware. Now you are in the know! It could be a
nice little project for you - you're totally crafty! Of course when it's
finally done, I'll blog all about it.