Thursday, April 21, 2011

One hot mess!

Finally I'm back with a renovation progress report. Sorry about my long absence! I've been working a ton and taking advantage of this awesome extended daylight to tend to a few little projects on the back porch. By the time we settle down at night, I'm just too exhausted to blog something cute and witty!

But it's official now - our second floor renovation has begun! Along with all this mess, came the hot & humid temps that we've been fearing. Luckily it isn't too unbearable yet....and with all the windows open there's a nice cross breeze for the workers! So let's back up a bit to when this all began. Right before we purchased the home in September 2011, the previous owner added some expansion dormers to the second floor, as part of the sale. Also while providing us with a brand new roof, he turned the house's flat roof into a peaked one. It really changed the appearance of the house for the better, but we only had him do the exterior work which meant that the inside project was going to be our baby. So we gave ourselves some time to adjust and tackle a bunch of projects on the first floor, but now we're moving up!


(much better, right?)

For now the reno work only involves the front three rooms that involved the new dormers (and already have a permit pulled for them) - a master bathroom, walk-in closet & study (that we plan to use as a nursery one day). We're hoping once these first three rooms are mostly done, the other three will follow smoothly (bedroom, den & laundry).

I believe the official start date was April, 6th - Ben's birthday. I don't recall exactly, but sometime that week this is what our second floor was looking like.

Down came the popcorn ceilings....well only part of them!

Looking into the space that will soon be our master bathroom

Looking from the bathroom straight into the study

View of the study from the bedroom
Our poor future bedroom packed full of our stuff!

Like every major project we take on, things have been moving a bit slower than planned. Our carpenter's assistant quit on him, the plumber got a shard of metal in his eye, etc. etc. etc. I'm sure you can image.
Finally we got back on track with the framing and it began to resemble actual rooms rather than a dilapidated barn!

The study all framed up & waiting for it's french doors

The shower has a cute little alcoved bench that I designed to give us more space

Finally this week both the HVAC and plumbing work has been completed.

Plumbing is ready for a double sink console

And the shower is set too!

Prepare yourselves. This next photo is scary.

Let me explain. Since we're basically putting our ceiling right up against the roof (i.e. no more attic), there is very little space for the heating and cooling lines. We were given 2 choices. Down under the window (bench seat style) or up and over. While the bench seat sounded nice, it meant we would lose a lot of floor space which in turn would really limit the furniture arrangement in the den, so instead we chose up and over. Since the ceiling is peaked under that nasty popcorn ceiling, we'll be able to push that big guy higher up. It will still hang lower than the rest of the room, but we'll box it out and make it work. Plus, I think I may get a new bay window out of the deal!

The electrician will be coming early next week to work his magic and then we'll have our rough-in inspection. After that it's insulation & drywall. It certainly is stressful living like this, but I do love watching it all come together!

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Natalie said...

EEEK! I am so excited for you! I can't wait to check out the pictures as the project progresses.

I am also very curious about your plans for the future nursery.