Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday pretties

I'm working on putting together a post from our weekend trip to New Orleans, but in the mean time I wanted to share some of the spaces that have been on my mind lately & explanations why.

The classic boho feel of this living space is perfectly causal and not too over decorated.

Aside from the amazing floors, I can't get enough of the black and gold.

Banquettes have been on my mind since we need one - I love this simplicity & the tulip table and stokke highchair only add to the greatness.

This is Amy Butler's kitchen. I love with the sliding glass storage unit. It's got the look of open shelving but much more practical.

The contrast of the white sofas and dark walls and rug is so fresh.

More white sofa love - the green/gold combo is becoming a new fav.

I saw this painted floor thanks to Julie. Wouldn't it be great in a nursery? The combination of colors is that makes the design.

Julie also reminded me of this great bedroom from the movie The Holiday. I dig the monochromatic look.

How about this before & after? What a change. Although I'm big on white walls in living spaces, I think dark in the bedroom is very soothing.

It sort of kills me that I won't be able to make our current home reflect all these great rooms, but then I remind myself that this one is just for practice - not forever! In the meantime I'll continue to gather inspiration and refine my style.

(I apologize for not sourcing the photos. I import my inspiration photos to iphoto, so I'm not the best with notating where they are from. Please feel free to share if you know.)


Natalie said...

I am in love with the bathroom picture and the kitchen one with the banquette.  I've been trying to convince my mom for years to put a banquette in her kitchen.  Maybe I'll share that picture with her. 

Julie Cofield said...

 I love the floor in that bathroom as well. I'm just wondering how they use that shower, lol? The bedroom make over is amazing! It just goes to show how far a coat of paint and some natural light can go to transform a space! Thanks for sharing! BTW, I am horrible at the iphoto sourcing thing as well. I need to become more organized!