Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Mia....

When we first got Mia while living in Guatemala, one of our friends told us we should have named her Mi Amor....Mia means "my love" in Spanish. Isn't that so cute? We loved it, so it stuck but only as a nickname since her full name had special meaning to us as well - Semilla Maya, "Mayan seed" in Spanish. She was such a tiny little thing and we were lucky to have a chance to see her sprout grow.

Growing is what our little seed has done & just a few weeks ago she turned 2! We can hardly believe it. Our baby is 2! Since I was on my blog-cation over her birthday, I missed posting photos. I hope it isn't too late, because here they are now! Mia had the best birthday - or at least I hope she did. Luckily I had the day off, so I got to spend it with her. We went on two long walks, played ball several times, had an outing to PetSmart, a swim in the lake, dinner out & dessert at home. We love our girl!

We sang Happy Birthday to her.

She sat very still and listened. It was too cute!

Getting a special birthday kiss from her mama.

Her first lick of birthday cake deliciousness.

Our best attempt at a birthday family photo.
Sleepy girl didn't want to get up from the cool tile floor!

Yes, I realize that the majority of you think we are crazy. The rest of you probably just think we need a baby. We know - all of you are right. But for now (& for always) we will love our little Goldie Girl just like we would any other baby!

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BethJimHarnish said...

I won't comment on whether you two/three are crazy or not! Fun crazy, maybe! A few years back, I let Lady invite her friend, Misha over for her birthday run to the creek. When we got there, the girls swam & had birthday treats I brought along for them. I do remember the kids thinking I was a little nuts! Gotta love our puppies! Grandma always packs a special treat for Lady in her suitcase when she visits sweet!