Thursday, October 6, 2011

Evolution of a Bathroom

Since this project has been going on FOREVER, here's a little reminder of where our little 'build master bathroom project' began.

When we purchased the house the attic had been "semi-finished". By "semi" it meant a bad drywall job, falling down popcorn ceilings & some nasty carpeting. So we had to take a few steps backward to just plain "unfinished," so that we could start from scratch.

Here's what the master bath space looked like right when we moved in.

The most organized it has been this whole year!

After months of planning & interviewing contractors, demo finally began on April 6th - Ben's birthday.

The framing took awhile. It was the shower that held things up. The carpenter wanted it to be 4 feet. I wanted it to be 5 feet. In the end, I won. That decision & the little niche seat that I pushed to add pretty much took this bathroom from standard to custom.

Still though, it wasn't a real bathroom. We needed plumbing.

That will do it.

Then came insulation. We got the spray foam kind - Icenyene. This 90 year old house is going to have an air tight 2nd floor for sure.

Then came drywall & backer board & floor tile. There were set backs with the tile too but we worked it out fairly easily.

During the tile wait period, the new windows went in, the vanity was ordered & the linen closet was framed out too.

The linen closet will has a 36" opening to accommodate 2 18" shutters that will act as doors. The inside is big but odd because of the slanted wall & sloping ceiling.

We ended up going with a charcoal gray (almost black) 18" porcelain tile on the majority of the floor. Originally we had planned to offset it with 4" square tiles of the same color, but when they came in the color was off, so we opted to omit them. I'm actually glad we did. I think a more simple look will be better once we add the wallpaper. In the shower we did a unglazed 1x1 hexagon for a bit of texture. I also have a "thing" for the hexagon. Plus since the wallpaper is all hex, I felt compelled to get it in there somewhere. Everything was grouted in black.

The white dot must have been on my camera lens.

This is the completed tile job on the shower before the glass door installation. The walls are a simple white 3x6" subway in gloss white. The niche is accented with a herringbone pattern in the same tile. The seat in the niche was made from a remnant of black soapstone & the corner shelves are a white quartz (I think).

I'll take some close up pics as soon as the carpenter finishes some grout touch-ups this week.

Finally last week the glass door that was backordered was installed & the plumbing fixtures too. We splurged for a european sliding style door rather than the traditional hinged open style. It really was the only thing that made sense for the space.

For the fixtures we stuck to Delta since our plumber really wouldn't consider much else. The carpenter who works with him a lot swears he is a great guy, but I can't work with someone who can't/doesn't communicate. I don't think he'll be coming back in the future. It turned out fine though - with Delta I mean. I found a traditional chrome style that works well in the space and then branched out to another brand for the hand shower slide bar. I really really wanted something that had the old school cross handles and found it with Alson's (I think). It ties in nicely with the cross handle faucet we got for the double vanity from Pottery of which is still backordered from May! Don't even get me started. If it weren't for my discount we would have abandoned ship on those PB faucets months ago.

The list of projects left to complete is getting smaller by the day, but still includes finishing up the electrical, trim paint, ceiling & closet paint, wallpaper primer, wallpaper, installing shelving....& that last blasted sink faucet! When it's all done, I can't wait to put on the finishing touches.

So there you have it friends. It's far from finished, but at least now it resembles a bathroom. I almost can't believe that it was just an empty dormer before this all began. It's been 6 months of construction men letting themselves in and out of our home. We'll probably get a few weeks of peace before the next set of guys starts doing the same thing when we move onto the bedroom/den/laundry space. What will we ever do when we don't have these daily visitors? Ha!

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