Thursday, October 20, 2011

On the road again

Amidst all the yard work we've been trying to squeeze in before the cold settles in, we were able to squeeze in a short vacation to the land of where trees turn pretty colors - Pennsylvania. Although our original intention was to partake in Clarion's big Autumn Leaf Festival, we ended up spending most of our time away from the crowd, enjoying some amazing Indian summer weather instead.

Fall in PA

My M&D

Enjoying the warm weather

Beer on the bank of a river

Cutest animal ever (wearing some granny knitted baby legs)

2nd cutest animal ever. Alpaca.

Here in Charlotte the leaves have been falling, but the whole changing color thing isn't quite as spectacular as it is up north. With 3 pecan trees & 1 walnut tree in our postage stamp yard, we're not loving the work that comes along with the change of the season!

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