Tuesday, October 18, 2011

backyard mud wrestling

Now that the rain has finally ceased I'm ok with talking about it, but a week ago I was beside myself stressed out. Here's why.

This is what happens when you till up your whole yard in preparation of installing a sprinkler system and sod....and then it rains for a week straight.

Let me explain a my stress with this simple equation.

4 legged friend (who recently was groomed so pretty)

a doggie door
mud pit backyard
Type A never ending need for a clean home

You can only imagine how happy I was that week.

So when the rain finally ceased & it became somewhat possible for us to install our sprinkler system & already cut sod (that was waiting in the bed of Ben's truck), we donned our finest & got to work.

Good thing he brought those muck boots back from Guatemala!

Do you even know how hard it is to till & rake & level mud?

Let me tell you.

Nothing about it was fun.


It was especially not fun for the Princess of our porch who was dying to romp around in the mud.

Finally when the day was done the yard looked like this.

(The mud in the corner is where we plan to build some raised garden boxes).

We didn't have enough sod to finish completely, but that was ok since we have plans for this side of the yard in the spring. For now we'll make due with a temporary walkway and some grass seed.

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