Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Aguas con sabor?

Here in Mexico (& Guatemala too) they tend to call all beverages except for beer, aguas (waters). It's gets a bit confusing when you really do want water and request agua in a restuarant. Generally you have to specify agua pura or agua natural (pure or natural water). For some reason or another only limonada (lemonade) and naranjada (orange juice-like lemonade) have their own names. And with these you also have to understand that they could be made with pure water or soda (Sprite), both being equally tasty. Anyway, all of this rambling is getting me to my bigger point. Along the lines of lemonade, "aguas" can be made from pretty much any fruit. One morning in Tuxtla, Kim whipped up a blender full of watermelon water and I've been craving it ever since! We stumbled into it again here in San Cristobal, this time with a twist of pineapple. Delicious!

Since I'm hoping she won't mind, I thought I'd share the recipe with you. I personally can't wait to try mixing it up a bit with lots of different fruits. Don't you think it sounds like a great way to ring in the summer months?

Watermelon Water
half a blender full of water
a bunch of watermelon chunks (sans seeds)
a handful of pineapple pieces (for the combo juice)
sugar to taste
a dash of fresh ginger (Kim's secret ingredient, if you so please)

Blend and strain (if you'd rather no pulp). Chill & serve!

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Anonymous said...

Have Mario and Kim introduced you to Chia yet? It is an "agua" that has little seeds in it. We would get it at a place called San Marcos in Tuxtla. Good food there too. It is not too common in other places. Also... I am suprised there was no mention of drinking Pozol in Chiapa de Corzo... I guess they spared you that cultural experience! - Nicole