Friday, September 25, 2009

Lusting into Fall

Before beginning with this month's current lusts we first must thank you, our very kind and concerned readers, for helping us get over our obsessions for the month of August! We promise when we began this portion of our blog we really weren't hinting for you to treat us....just hoping that by writing and laughing about the silly things that we miss, it would help us get over them and move on to something new! But thanks to a few of you, we've been spoiled - me to a cup of my favorite nuts (doesn't that sound hilarious?) while Ben anxiously awaits his much needed sunglasses that are on the way! Honestly people, you shouldn't have.........but we're so glad that you did!

So here we are again, lusting away as we ring in the first day of autumn (not really here) with grey skies and lots of puddles! This month our lusts again stem from necessity.

Krista’s current Must Have Lust
comfy, closed toe shoes, with a bit of height

Honestly, could it get more specific? As the weather turns a bit cooler here, my sandal-clad toes, have been feeling a bit chilly. It probably doesn't help that with my flat sandals, my pants drag in the puddles. I did bring along a couple of pairs of closed toe shoes (converse, pumas, and flats) but a gnarly bunion that I have on my right foot has restricted my use of them. TMI, I know. You probably are thinking that I just need to head to the mall to get some new shoes....not that easy. Back in the US, my feet are normal sized 7.5/8. In Guatemala, that's giant sized. Not to mention that Guatemala women LOVE to wear high heels on cobblestone streets! All of the shoes that I come across are either super tiny, super high, or super narrow (which my bunion despises!). So, as dorky as they are, I've been pondering the purchase of these guys......

closed toe, a little height, and lots of room so my toes aren't squeezed
and may even jump on this bandwagon....
Gasp! Who have I become?

I never thought the day would come when I condone
the use of Crocs for anyone over the age of 5.

(If i get them in silver they're a bit cuter, right?)

But there's always a silver lining where my love for fashion can shine through.......
and that's why I'm soon headed to Pastores to have a pair of these special made for my feet!

High or low?....or maybe both!

Those should see me through until sandal season again, right?

Ben’s current Must Have Lust
his old NF backpack or Timbuk 2 messenger bag

Ever since what we like to refer to as "the incident" a couple of months ago, Ben has been without backpack. He's been making due, that good sport he is, by using this grocery tote as his take to and from work bag. I get a kick out of seeing him walk out of the house every morning with it, but not quite as much as his co-workers do. Pobrecito, his grocery bag has become the laughing stock of the ADU office (but no one has tried to steal it, he adds)!

Obviously he we learned our lesson and will not be purchasing a new backpack (at least not here), but he can't bring himself to spend Q150 in the market for one either. If he could just wiggle his nose and blink his eyes and be back in Brian & Angie's basement where his oldies but goodies are safely stored away, he'd be in back in action again!

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Kels said...

Krista...I am sorry but you cannot buy crocs. Don't give in to the temptation of buying those horrible rubber 'only for garden' shoes. They are trying to mask them as flats but we all know what they are plastic shoes! And, girl, I know bunion pain (had mine removed...yep REMOVED) a few years back, but even the bunions can't lead you to a life of crocs. Go with the boots!