Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chicken Bus of the Week #5

There is something to be said about traveling by chicken bus. Always entertaining, you´ll never have a dull moment aboard. My 3 most memorable moments on chicken buses include:

1. A man try to sell foot cream to remove warts (complete with nasty photos) to the entire bus. He put his special cream in everyone´s lap, but when he came to me I told him that I don´t have warts and didn´t need it!

2. Returning from Laguna Chicabal via chicken bus in the rain and literally hanging out the back of the moving bus becuase it was that full (not a good experience)

3. Chatting with a young girl and her mom in Spanish during our return trip from Xocomil waterpark. After much conversation she wanted my phone number. I tried all my tricks in Spanish to avoid giving it to her, but in the end her language skills trumped mine. Now I have to field calls from a Guatemalan child!

There have probably been funnier experiences but right now I´m tired....recovering from a long weekend of travel....not in chicken bus!

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