Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Xela speaks Cherry Creek

My beloved Cherry Creek Mall has this annoying slogan “Do you speak Cherry Creek?” meaning are you up with all the designer names. I hate it. It’s so elitist, but hey that’s what Cherry Creek is known for, right? Anywho, I’m not going to pretend I don’t love fashion. I’m a slave – I even work part-time retail to reap the benefits of the 40% discount. So I won’t lie, I had been dying to check out the scene at La Pradera, an American style shopping mall in Xela. And as luck would have it, we ended up seeking refuge there one rainy day last week.

Mostly comprised of leather-upper shoes, Forever 21-like clothing, and a Hiper Piaz (an affiliate of Wal-mart), there are a few decent shops for the wealthier people of Xela as well (United Colors of Benetton, Aldo Negro, Converse, Puma, Champs). I was shocked however to run into this:
Could it really be? After all my whining about being cold, could I really step into my old standby, the Gap, and purchase a sweater that I might actually wear again when I get back to the US? It looked too good to be true…………and of course it was!

Filled with a bunch of cheap jeans and mid-drift baring polyester tops, I was completely disappointed. The window display had lied to me! Totally ticked, I pulled out my camera to document this tragedy. No sooner than I had pushed the shutter, I was approached by a mall security guard who scolded me for taking a photo. Apparently it is against mall policy to take photos inside La Pradera. Seriously? What kind of stupid rule is that? (Probably because the don’t want the Gap getting wind of this). Already in a mood, I debated with her a bit using my limited Spanish and walked away defeated – but not without my photo safely stored in the memory of my camera!

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