Thursday, October 9, 2008

McDia Feliz

Yesterday, October 6th, was McDia Feliz here in Guatemala. I´m sure the US has this same ¨holiday,¨ but since we had never celebrated it before we just had to participate. All proceeds from Big Mac sales at Micky D´s got toward the Ronald McDonald house. Here in Guatemala, la casa de Ronald McDonald is in Guatemala City. Who doesn´t want to support a good cause? Plus it was a buen excusio (good excuse) to eat some familar food! We hit the McDonald´s near the centro in Xela around 1pm, and it was bumpin! We may have even been on the local news, but since we haven´t really watched television since we arrived in Xela, who knows! Thanks for lunch Ronnie!

Sorry the photo won´t import larger!

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Ben said...

And yes, Big Macs are the same in Guate as in the US. I still had a stomachache afterwards.