Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Churrascos & Cervezas

Our last month in Xela we lived with Napo & Candi Gomez, their boarder Jose, and frequent visits from their daughter Rosa and her 2 children. We absolutely loved our time with the family! Napo is an engineer with his own business, so he and Ben always had plenty to talk about. They have a beautiful home about a 10 minute walk from our school, ICA. Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of them......I guess I was having a slow period with the photo taking. But don't worry, because when we head back to Xela, we'll be requesting to live with this family again! We are very thankful to them for making us feel like a real part of their family.

As our gift to the family we wanted to take everyone out for dinner, with the exception of Candi and grand daughter Maria Elena who were vacationing in Los Angeles when we left. Napo's favorite meal is churrasco & cerveza (a spicy steak & beer), so we headed out to Xela's best churrasco restaurant. Well it turns out that Xela must not have wanted us to leave because as we tried 3 different churrasco restaurants, all closed that evening because a giant sector of Xela had a power outage that night! We ended up finding a good meal at Sarita,
a more chain like restaurant, but it wasn't churrasco-tastic! We dined, chatted, and splurged on desserts for a few hours - it really was nice! But Napo was sure to make a churrasco date with us for when we return in January!

Our last full day with the family, they made us a special breakfast of fried eggs on tortillas with salsa, yummy Guatemalan hot chocolate, and coronitas, a special version of pan dulce (sweet bread) with crowns adorning the top. Rosa showed how to make the chocolate con leche (hot cocolate with milk) since we had purchased several pounds to bring home with us!

Yummy breakfast!

Guatemalan hot chocolate with milk

Xela's most popular chocolate, from cafe La Luna

Thanks Gomez family for your hospitality and friendship! We loved our time with you!

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