Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey, Guac & Tupac

With the generosity of our friend Chris (and his parent's apartment) a gaggle of us students got together to celebrate my absolute favorite holiday, Thanksgiving (aka. El Dia de Gracias). Traditional, no it wasn't, but we still chowed down just like the rest of you, only I bet you didn't dine on guacamole, tortillas, and colored marshmallow sweet potatoes while jamming out to Tupac!

Actually, we are quite accustomed to non-traditional Thanksgivings. Being that we live a long distance from our families, over the past few years we have developed our own traditions. Usually Ben & I take charge of the chompipe (turkey) and ask friends to bring over the sides - potluck style. So, this Thanksgiving really wasn't that out of the ordinary for us.......
except that our 14lb. turkey cost us $26! Yikes!

Preparations were a little different and included multiple trips to the market, moving an oven (only in Guatemala) and investing in disposable cooking supplies (I know, I know, we're horrified we did this!), but the end result was just like home-cooking, maybe even better!

About 25 of us squished into a small space (thank goodness for balconies) and gave thanks for our new friendships, many adventures, and good health (except poor Emily with the flu)! We somehow managed to even find canned cranberry sauce hidden in the chaos of the Paiz. It was the first Thanksgiving for some of our Guatemalan & European friends, all of whom were quite impressed with the spread! And finally Harris, got enough to eat!

Like all good parties, the night ended with a some Michael Jackson throwback.

How's that for giving thanks!

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