Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dark, Creepy & Cold.....with Bats!

For those of you who know me well, you're gonna find this one hard to believe. It seems that Guatemala has brought back my sense of adventure.....or maybe it was peer pressure!

Not far from Semuc Champey is an extensive cave complex that can be toured. The catch is that you have to wade, swim, and climb your way through them with candlelight. Plus, don't forget about the bats.....ewe!!!!

Most of the group had been really looking forward to this cave adventure. I, on the other hand, had been trying to not think about it. But when the day came, I put on my swim suit and headlamp and somehow ended up at the entrance of the caves with the rest of them. After a brief moment of panic, I pulled up my granny panties, lit my candle, and didn't look back! Inside it actually was quite neat. With the squeaking of bats overhead and the cool water below, we ventured futher into the caves. For nearly 4 hours we climbed rocks and rope ladders, swam through canyons, listened to the rage of the river, and dropped down through waterfalls. Our guide, a local Mayan monkey, lead us through the maze of the caves, with little to no explanation of what to expect next.
Deep in the depths of Cuevas Las Marias

Ronan and Alex showing off the stalagtites

Emily, before the cold set in

Do we look adventurous or what?

Check out those bats!

The long swim out

We made it out alive....with 1 candle to spare!

Outside of the caves was a rope swing to drop into the river below. Of course, the same brave guys (and Justine) who jumped off the bridge also partook in the swing. Watch Ben swing and plop into the river below.

Look out below!

River Swing Rio Cahabon from Krista Lengacher on Vimeo.


aaron said...

wow! such a cool adventure! i'm glad you are adding video too, it really helps me imagine being there, even more than the pictures. i'm so jealous, i wish we could be adventuring with you there instead of being in FRIGID denver right now. Well, i guess you are here now too, but anyways- you know what i mean. see ya soon!

ronan said...

deadly fotos fair play to ye...good times