Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Legacy on Colfax

Way back when in August of 2004 when we moved into The Colonnade Lofts we were newbies on the Fax. Lined with seedy bars, liquor stores, tattoo shops and other "adult" stores, a lot of people looked at us like we were crazy when we would tell them we lived on this infamous street. Yes, we'll give that to them, this move was a bit out of our character, but we had a feeling that Colfax was on the verge of reinventing itself and we wanted to be here when it happened. And we were right! It didn't take long until we found ourselves right in the heart of the Capital Hill, with easy access to anything and everything we could ever want to do! We have 2 parks only blocks away, restaurants, bars (not the seedy ones), grocery stores and a great coffee shop right at our fingertips. While it didn't quite feel like home back then, now we're proud to say that this is our neighborhood. We love that we have peeps on this street and there is no better feeling than seeing these friendly faces on a daily basis. It makes us feel like bigger fish in our big pond. These days the only thing we are often without in our neighborhood is a parking space.....good thing we can park our scooter on the sidewalk! But even we would never have guessed that we would still be enjoying our little place on the 'Fax 4 and half years later!

It seems like we just went through this whole packing up process back in September when we were headed to Guatemala the first time, but we are about to find ourselves knee deep in it again. Last time we boxed up stuff, but left the apartment livable for our subletters. This time however, it all went. Less than a week ago we moved our things into a storage unit (plus a friend's basement & another friend's upstairs) and said goodbye to Colfax Avenue for good. While we're totally pumped up for our next adventure, we're are quite sad to say goodbye to our friendly neighborhood on what we think is the best street in Denver. Thanks for the memories Colfax; we're so glad we gave you a chance!

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