Monday, March 9, 2009


SMILE! God loves you!

Today was our last Sunday attending our church, Pathways, before we head off on our road trip adventure to Guatemala. While none of our regular group of friends was in attendance this week, we do feel like Pathways is a home for us. It was sad to realize that for the next year we won't be bumping into old friends on Sunday mornings, we have hope that we will make new friends and find a church in Guatemala that we like attending just as much. If not, there's always the Pathways podcast and a good cup of coffee - a new tradition to look forward to.

H&N, T, J, M&H, and all our other Pathways friends, we hope you know how much we'll miss you! Think of us while you're brunching after the service!

Later Pathways! In the meantime we'll "Go in peace to love and serve The Lord."

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Jenny said...

thanks for the shout out! i miss you guys already!!!