Saturday, June 6, 2009


Does someone special in your life murse? You know, Man + Purse = Murse. My husband does - and I like it!

I suppose he sort of semi-mursed before, with a Chrome bag practically glued to his back pretty much anytime we went out. Now however, it’s for real. During our Mexican travels Ben picked up a vintage leather messenger-style bag and it has become his quintessential man-cessory. A nice bourbon-colored, gently-aged leather, this murse will ensure that my man can get any job done – with style!


Kels said...

So Tom bought a murse just like this from San Cristobal, where I assume this bag is from. In fact, he like it so much he ended up buying two!

Krista & Ben said...

He actually got it in Acapulco, but we did see plenty more in San Cristobal. We spent our money on plenty of other goodies there!