Friday, June 26, 2009

Plastic No More!

Way back in another life we vowed to use plastic bags as little as possible, so we stocked on some awesome canvas grocery bags and off we went to the Queen Soopers. At first we got some strange looks, but little by little reusable bags became more popular and little by little more baggers knew what to do with them! Fast forward to Guatemala. Plastic is everywhere here - especially in the bag form. We brought along a few reusable bags, but now we're finding that we don't have nearly enough. So for a while now we've been looking around for more and sadly can't seem to find any. Yesterday I came across a blog that was offering a discount at Envirosax, placed an order, and now we wait. My conscious already feels better knowing that we've taken action!

If you haven't already invested in some sort of reusable bag, we highly encourage you to do so. We've seen a huge difference in the amount of plastic bag trash we have laying around and it's a daily reminder that we're doing our part. There are lots of options. For groceries we recommend a mix of canvas shoulder and produce bags as well as a few larger "paper bag" types (they seem to work best for items in boxes and jugs). And to make sure you're never without, store them in your car! On the other hand, Envirosax and Reisenthal bags are cute and compact - great for trips to the mall and carrying things to and from work, and quick trips to the grocery store. Either way, you can't go wrong - get a few of each, try them out and soon you'll find the ones that fit your needs best. We promise you won't regret it!


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