Monday, June 1, 2009

Man Toy Alert!

Some friends of ours purchased a parilla (grill) a few weeks back at the market. It’s small & cute and sits on the ground with just enough space to cook up a few burgers. Since we’re going to be here a while, Ben decided that he too must grill, so off to the market we went. With a bit of direction we did find the cute, little grill we had planned on, but we also found this guy.

He convinced me that it will be more comfortable to use and for only about $12, now it is ours. Guess who couldn’t be happier? And I’m looking forward to our first carne (meat) dinner at home too!

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SparkleGirl3348 said...

Hey Krista -
When Tom, Kelsey, Chris and I were living in our tiny cabina in Costa Rica we cooked out of an identical tire-rim bbq almost every night! Those things are sweet. Glad you guys sound like you're settling in. We hope to maybe stop back in Guatemala when we're done with our trip (8 or 9 months from now or so) - we'll be sure to look you up if we do.