Saturday, November 28, 2009

We Give Thanks

While the rest of your have already bellied up to the table are now probably well into the leftovers, it's Turkey Day for us and we're feeling thankful that this day has finally come. This afternoon we'll be joining about 40 other volunteers to participate in the (what we hear is AMAZING) Common Hope annual volunteer Thanksgiving dinner. YUM! Here are a few random things that we are feeling grateful for this holiday season.

1. living a dream
2. sunshine (and no more rain)
3. Skype
4. good health
5. flip flop weather everyday
6. extra time
7. comments on our blogs
8. communicating in 2 languages
9. safety
10. mom's who send recipes through email
11. Dewey
12. clean drinking water
13. a beautiful home
14. lazy weekends
15. dad's who tell us they miss us every time we talk
16. fresh fruits & veggies
17. people who like to play board games & cards
18. friends who send messages on Facebook
19. waking up in a sunny room
20. curtains that keep the light out just a little longer
21. anyone who visits
22. the best coffee in the world right at our fingertips
23. freedom
24. officemates that can read our minds
25. friendly neighbors
26. handicrafts
27. places to explore
28. each other
29. puppies
30. and you!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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