Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Beauty

Last weekend we were itching for some fun in the sun, so we packed up Dewey and headed to the coast. Not to knock Guatemalan beaches, but they're not the best ever. Along the Pacific (the close beaches) the sand is black, the waves are strong and the heat is hellishly hot. Most of the tourists go to Monterrico (you might remember our previous trips there from here & here). It's about 2 or so hours from Antigua and almost worth the trip for an overnight, but just for the day it's a little too much time in the car for the rewards that you reap (at least for us). An hour closer is Puerto San Jose. It's more of the locals beach -dirtier than Monterrico but with pretty much the same scenery, minus the Gringo priced beer and hammock hangouts. For a quick sun pick-me-up, it seemed like the place to least for a few hours.


Umbrella is absolutely necessary unless you want to melt.

Looks like someone was having fun.....

Watcha reading?

Anyone interested in a shark ride? Doesn't look like it.

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