Monday, November 9, 2009

What's all the stink about?

A walk through the market usually includes {whether you want to or not} a stroll {or beeline} down the meat aisle. The juicy cuts of beef are the most eye catching, but if you look close enough you may even see chicken with little hairs still on it, or even the occasional pigs feet. While it's pretty horrifying for someone like me to enter this part of the market, one thing is for sure {I don't really dig a lot of meat to begin with}, you'll smell it long after you see it.

A few weeks ago, while doing our regular weekend shopping, Ben got a craving for a steak. We just so happened to be in the market already and somehow he convinced me that we should go pick up a cut of beef in the meat section. Having never purchased our meat there before {note we did eat meat from the market all the time in Xela}, we sought out the cleanest stall with the fewest flies and ordered up a side of beef {yea, one of those big ones hanging in the photo}. I watch the "butcher's" every move to make sure it was clean, just so I could put my mind at ease a bit. Later that night Ben grilled it up on our market parilla {remember this one?} and served it up with some fresh spicy salsa. It was delicious.....and we didn't get sick to boot!

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