Sunday, December 20, 2009

Long Live Convivios!

This week we both had holiday celebration with our co-workers. They call it a convivio, literal meaning to co-exist or live together, and I think it's perfectly stated. A coming together of lives. It's a wonderful opportunity to share in the joy of the season with the people that we spend most of our days with!

Common Hope we all retreated to Parque La Florencia, an eco-park outside of Antigua. We were all (13o of us) treated to a beautiful hand knit scarf upon our arrival and the rest of the day was spent playing, dancing and eating to our hearts content! We even had a rifa (raffle) where everyone went home with a gift. I was a big winner and will be having dinner at the new Westin Camio Real in Antigua. Thank you! And as a super special surprise at the end of the day, all of the employees were given a generous yearly bonus. It was truly a blessing.

For the
Aguas de Unidad convivio, they gather together (encargados included) and had similar type celebration with delicious food and fun! Here's a cute video they put together to mark the ADU Convivio 2009.

Whether you called your work celebration a convivio or not,
we certainly hope too thoroughly enjoyed yourselves!

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