Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Twas 1 year ago....

Keeping in mind the 101 things we need to get done (and blog about) this week, here's a quick run down of our weekend in our old stomping grounds. 'Twas 1 year ago today that we boarded a plane and said goodbye to our faithful friend (and enemy at times), Xela......at least until we paid a brief visit soon after crossing the border with Dewey in May.

Quetzaltenango (or more commonly referred to as Xela) is the second largest city in Guatemala and is located 200 kilometers west of the capital in a wonderful green valley surrounded by majestic volcanos. The ancient capital of the Quiche Empire which its inhabitants called 'Xelaju' in honor of the 10 gods they adored was located there. It's actual name, Quetzaltenango, was devrived from the Aztecs and was given by the companions of the conqueror of Guatemala, Pedro de Alvarado.

For a couple of months we had been looking forward to paying Xela a weekend visit on our way home from thrilling Tejutla, so that we did. It didn't take us long to hit all of our old hot spots and then wonder "What do we do with ourselves now?". Oh Xela, how you never cease to thrill (and bore) us!

This sign outside of San Marcos pretty much sums up our journeys.....
Where do we go next?

The one & only Bake Shop!
(really there are 2 locations)

Quite possibly the nicest place in Xela, Cafe Baviera II.
Many a cup of hot chocolate were sipped here while studying and "borrowing" the free internet!

Mercado La Democracia.
Probably my favorite way to blow a Saturday.
It's everything Antigua is not.

Unfortunately when we passed by ICA, our beloved Spanish School, the doors were closed. We assume the decline in tourists has affected poor ICA too, especially late on a Friday afternoon. How rare though. Last year at this time they had at least 30 students. Fortunately we did run into 1 old friend on the street, Mario, my very first teacher. Next time ICA, we'll be back for a visit.

And before loading up to come home.....a few hundred boxes of Té Chirrepeco heavier, we took a relaxing dip in the hot (but less hot this visit) waters of Fuentes Georginas. (Sorry no photos this time, thanks to the 50+ French tourists that pulled up in Coach buses about 5 mintues afterus. Note to self: Next time visit Fuentes on a weekday!)

Thanks Xela for the memories......and for reminding us to be thankful for the clean(ish) streets and wide(ish) sidewalks of La Antigua!

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