Friday, December 18, 2009

This Christmas

This Christmas we've really tried hard to get in the mood, but it's been just that - trying. It probably has a lot to do with 3 things. The weather. The fact that we are surrounded by poverty everyday. And that we really just don't need much. But that being said, we really want to feel like it's Christmas time, so we've done our part in searching out and providing holiday cheer.

1st we decorated the house. Of course this was fun for me. Not so fun was the purchasing of the decorations. Since we obviously are on a budget and won't be able to take much back with us, it felt a little frivalous, but we did our best. A couple of things were from Cemaco and the rest from the market, but finding non-tacky decor was exhausting.

Christmas is about the only time our awesome green & red plaid furniture works with the decor scheme.

Didn't the framed molas turn out fabulous?

It really does look pretty, especially a night all lit up.

What you also can't see in the photos is that we adorned both the patio and terrace with pretty white twinkle lights, which incidently also caused us huge headaches since we bought the cheapest lights we could find for Q10 each, and had to keep splicing (is that a real word?) them together each time they broke.

Next we threw a party. Of course once we put all the efforts into decorating, we had to share it with our friends! Plus it's something we like to do every year anyway. It usually does the trick.

Sorry I don't have the best photos.
It's hard to be hostess with the mostess and photographer extroidenaire too!

And if all those efforts weren't enough, we went out in search of holiday cheer and found it in an awesome concert in central park amidst the forest of white lit trees.

And even after all of our efforts,
we still don't truly feel like Christmas is a week away.
Next year we'll have to make up for it!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's completely expected Must Have Lust.

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