Monday, March 8, 2010


As you've probably gathered by now, Antigua is full of ruins. Many of them can only be seem from the outside through metal fences (for safety reasons), but several others are opened for special events (like concerts, benefits & weddings) and a couple have even been turned into parks. Last weekend a few friends gathered together at La Recolección, an ancient church and monestary dating back to the 1700's, for an impromptu birthday picnic. Although we had both passed by many times, neither Ben nor I had ever entered before. A maze of stone walls and hidden openings, the place had several hidden grassy areas. After a bit of searching, we met up with our friends near the back and picniced & played all afternoon. Tons of fun in a beautiful setting!

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Don't we sort of look like a foreign version of 90210?
Just some friends (& a random dog) hanging out amongst ruins.
Totally normal, right?

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