Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A well balanced weekend

While Ben and I have interests that are about as similar as those of Martha Stewart & Paris Hilton, we do often enjoy participating in each others past times (even though were both too bull headed to admit it!) and this weekend was no exception. A his and hers weekend it was - very well balanced! The beach for me and the great outdoors for him!

First on Saturday we packed up Dewey bright and early and left for a day of fun in the sun at a beach in Sipacate with some friends. The beaches close by here in Guatemala aren't anything to get super excited over, but this one was actually pretty nice. The waves weren't too strong so we splashed and played in the water on and off all day.

Speed Walking Finals from Krista on Vimeo.

(boys being boys)

On Sunday we stayed a bit closer to home and paid a visit to Senderos Alux, a great ecological park right outside of Antigua. It was quite a pleasant surprise with great winding paths and swings and amazing views of the city below.

(Look close. do you see Ben flying high?)

(They are even ecologically minded, something that is a rare find here!)

We'll definitely be visiting both places again.....the best of both worlds.
Besides, opposites attract, don't they?

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