Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The best word to describe our long weekend back in PA is peaceful. Along with us, a light snow storm rolled in and blanketed everything in a sparkly powdery white dust. We didn't mind one bit since we had absolutely no agenda for our visit except to relax and celebrate Pa's life, which we did as a family on Thursday evening and again on Friday afternoon. It was a simple and quiet celebration, but many beautiful words were shared. I think it was just how he would have wanted things.

When we weren't sharing our favorite Pa memories, we did a lot of relaxing and eating well! I think both Ben and I both napped - twice - something we never do these days at our "work house." It was great! We did venture out into the snow a couple of times too. It was so pretty, and not too cold and our four legged girl was beside herself with excitement. If it weren't for those darn ice balls that form on her legs and belly after a long romp in the white stuff, I'd almost say that she may love snow play even more than swimming!

I took more photos in the snow, but they all turned out blurry from my lack of a flash.

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